O tíme

By playing in the cyberfootball arena and working outside of it, Riga Football Club represents the city to which it owes its identity. Bringing to the world the traditions and charisma of the legendary Riga, a cultural center of world significance, we introduce people to the best that is in modern Latvia.

Fill your hearts with pride, and your life with exciting emotions. We inspire others to be part of an unforgettable city and a unique cyberfootball show. We remain true to tradition and express unique ideas, cherish our individuality and stand out from the rest. We open up new, exciting opportunities for people to enjoy life and be themselves. We set ourselves a high bar and never give up, no matter what.


Viktor Rakovsky – ‘rfc_rakovsky’

Viktor Rakovsky, he is 29 years old. From 2016 to 2021 he played for FC Sheriff (Tiraspol, Moldova). Since July 2021, became a player of our team Riga Football Club (Latvia)

Eugen Titei – ‘rfc_titei’

Evgeny Titei, he is 23 years old. From January to July 2021, he was a player of FC Sheriff (Tiraspol, Moldova). Since July 2021 he became a player of our team Riga Football Club (Latvia).